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Table 1 Antibodies and probes used for fluorescent localization.

From: Staurosporine augments EGF-mediated EMT in PMC42-LA cells through actin depolymerisation, focal contact size reduction and Snail1 induction – A model for cross-modulation

Primary antibodies and probes
Antibody/Probe Species Source Dilution
E-cadherin (HECD1) Mouse, hybridoma supernatant Dr. Alpha Yap (Inst. Mol. Sci., University of QLD) 1:2
Vimentin (V-9) Mouse Sigma-Aldrich 1:400
Paxillin (349) Mouse BD Biosciences 1:500
Phalloidin (F-actin) Fungus Molecular Probes (Invitrogen) 1:400
Secondary antibodies
Anti-mouse: Alexa 488 Goat Molecular Probes (Invitrogen) 1:2000