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Table 1 Surgical treatment protocol for a TAH, total abdominal hysterectomy

From: Total laparoscopic hysterectomy versus abdominal hysterectomy in the treatment of patients with early stage endometrial cancer: A randomized multi center study

Preoperatively thrombosis prophylaxis is given
Preoperative antibiotic is given at least 15 min before skin incision;
Positioning of the patient in lithotomy position.
Vertical midline incision
Abdominal washing for cytology
Bipolar coagulation or sealing of the round ligament, cutting with monopolar scissors. Opening of the peritoneum of the bladder and the pelvic sidewall.
Bipolar coagulation or sealing of the infundibulopelvic ligament, cutting with monopolar scissors
Preparation of the bladder off the vagina
Skeletting the uterine vessels, coagulation or sealing of the vessels, after identification of the ureter.
Coagulation or sealing and cutting of the sacrouterine ligaments.
Taking out the uterus. Closing of the vaginal cuff by abdominal stitching.
Mass closure of sheath, skin closure.