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Table 4 P-values obtained by comparison of the MMP-mRNA expression between normal breast tissue and breast cancer tissue grade 2 and grade 3 respectively (Man-Whitney-U-Test)

From: Expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in primary human breast cancer and breast cancer cell lines: New findings and review of the literature

  NB-G2 NB-G3 G2-G3
MMP-1 p < 0,01 ns ns
MMP-2 ns ns ns
MMP-3 ns ns ns
MMP-7 p < 0,01 p < 0,05 p < 0,05
MMP-8 ns ns ns
MMP-9 p < 0,05 p < 0,05 p < 0,05
MMP-10 ns ns ns
MMP-11 p < 0,001 p < 0,05 ns
MMP-12 ns ns p < 0,05
MMP-13 p < 0,01 ns ns
MMP-14 ns ns ns
MMP-15 ns ns ns
MMP-16 ns ns ns
MMP-17 ns ns ns
MMP-19 ns ns ns
MMP-23 ns ns ns
MMP-24 ns ns ns
MMP-27 ns ns ns
MMP-28 ns p < 0,05 ns
  1. ns = not significant