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Table 2 The cytotoxic effect of LfcinB against lymphoma cell lines expressing different levels of HS.

From: The anticancer activity of lytic peptides is inhibited by heparan sulfate on the surface of the tumor cells

Cell line aCell surface HS bIC50(μM)
KMS-5 + 38
U-266 + 55
KMM-1 + 57
Sudhl-4 - 16
Raji - 13
Ramos - 10
  1. aCell surface HS was measured using an anti-HS antibody and flow cytometry. Cell lines marked with + express HS, while cell lines marked with -lack HS.
  2. bIC50 is the inhibitory concentration of the LfcinB peptide in (μM) where 50% of the cells are killed.