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Table 1 Sensitivity levels to G418 killing and success/failure in IFN-γ-transduction of a panel of NPC cell lines/sublines

From: Differential baseline and response profile to IFN-γ gene transduction of IL-6/IL-6 receptor-α secretion discriminate primary tumors versus bone marrow metastases of nasopharyngeal carcinomas in culture

Cell line/clonal subline Sensitivity to G418 killing (minimal dose for 100% cell kill) (μg/ml) Success in IFN-γ gene transduction via a retroviral vector
Derived from a primary lesion   
NPC039 600 Yes
NPC076 600 Yes
NPC-BR 300 Yes
CNE-1 600 No
CNE-2 600 No
NPC039-2E2* 600 Yes
NPC039-6A1* 600 Yes
NPC039-7B2* 600 Yes
NPC039-9A2* 600 Yes
Derived from a metastatic lesion   
CNE-3 (ascites) 18,000 No
NPC-AS1 (ascites) 9,000 No
NPC-BM1 (bm§) 18,000 Yes
NPC-BM2 (bm) 12,000 No
NPC-BM3 (bm) 15,000 Yes
  1. *These four sublines were clonally isolated from the NPC039 cell line.
  2. §The abbreviation means that the cell line or culture was derived from a bone marrow metastatic lesion.