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Table 1 Details of immunohistochemistry procedure

From: Expression of miR-21 and its targets (PTEN, PDCD4, TM1) in flat epithelial atypia of the breast in relation to ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma

Antibody clone (source) dilution Antigen retrieval
PTEN 6H2.1 (Cascade BioScience) 1:100 Microwave (10 mM sodium citrate pH = 6.0)
PDCD4 ab51495 (Abcam) 1:100 Microwave (10 mM sodium citrate buffer pH = 6.0)
TM1 (alpha) ab55915 (Abcam) 1:200 Protease 0.1%, 30 min