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Table 3 TS genotype of Barrett's-associated adenocarcinoma patients who had adjacent intestinal metaplasia and/or dysplasia

From: Loss of heterozygosity at thymidylate synthase locus in Barrett's metaplasia, dysplasia, and carcinoma sequences

Pt. No. Normal Metaplasia Dysplasia Adenocarcinoma
1 2R/3R 2R/3R N/A 2R/3R
2 2R/3R 2R/loss 2R/loss 2R/loss
3 2R/2R 2R/2R 2R/2R 2R/2R
4 2R/3R 2R/3R 2R/3R 2R/3R
5 2R/3R 2R/3R N/A 2R/3R
6 2R/3R 2R/3R 2R/3R 2R/3R
7 2R/3R 2R/3R N/A 2R/loss
8 2R/3R N/A 2R/3R 2R/3R
9 2R/2R N/A 2R 2R/2R
10 2R/3R N/A 2R/3R loss/3R
11 2R/3R N/A loss/3R loss/3R