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Table 1 Gains and losses of DNA segments larger than 0.5 Mb in 30 chromophobe RCCs and 42 ROs.

From: High-resolution DNA copy number and gene expression analyses distinguish chromophobe renal cell carcinomas and renal oncocytomas

Tumor Chromosomal location Size, Mb G/L/HL* Genes
chRCC 1p36.21-q44 232.12 L  
RO 1p36.33-p36.21 14.6 L  
chRCC 1p22.1 0.71 HL MTF2, TMED5, NY-SAR-41, DR1, BCAR3
RO 1q42.2-q44 18.1 L  
chRCC 2q13 0.95 HL BENE, NPHP1, LIMS3, RABP2L1, BUB1
chRCC 2q22.3-q23.2 5.9 HL  
RO 3p14.3 1.10 G IL17RD, HESX1, APPL, FLJ44290, ARF4, SLMAP, FLNB
RO 3q13.11 2.72 L ALCAM, CBLB
chRCC 5p14.1 1.54 G CDH9
RO 5q21.3-q35.3 71.48 G  
chRCC 6p22.2-q27 145.86 L  
RO 6q13-q27 96.3 L  
RO 6q24.2-q24.3 0.69 G EPM2A, FBXO30, SHPRH
RO 7q11.22-q11.23 5.65 G  
RO 7q11.22-q11.23 3.30 G  
chRCC 7q11.22-q11.23 0.92 G CALN1
RO 7q22.1 2.78 G  
RO 7q34 0.52 G TIF1, Loc136306, ATP6V0A4
RO 9p24.3-p23 31.65 G  
RO 9q22.1-q33.2 32.75 L  
RO 10p15.3-p11.1 38.92 G  
chRCC 10q11.22 0.63 G PPYR1, ANXA8
RO 10q11.23-q21.1 1.4 L  
RO 10q11.23-q21.1 10.2 L  
chRCC 10q11.23-q22.3 29.17 HL  
RO 10q21.1-q26.3 78.1 L  
RO 10q21.1-q26.3 78.1 L  
RO 10q22.3 1.71 G  
RO 11p15.2-p15.1 1.2 L SOX6
RO 11p15.5-p12 43.10 L  
chRCC 11p15.5-p12 37,64 L  
RO 11p11.2 0.52 G OR4X2, OR4X1, OR4S1, OR4C3, OR4A47
RO 11p11.2 0.40 G  
RO 11p11.2-p11.12 0.63 G  
RO 11q13.2 2.07 G  
RO 11q22.3-q23.1 2.18 L  
chRCC 12p13.33-p12.1 22.49 L  
chRCC 12p13.33-p12.1 24.61 L  
RO 12p13.33-p11.1 32.76 G  
chRCC 12p13.2-p11.21 20.49 L  
chRCC 12q13.13-q21.1 20.12 G  
RO 12q13.2-q24.33 79.05 G  
RO 14q31.3-q32.33 22,4 L  
chRCC 15q13.3 1.01 G CHRNA7, ARGHAP11A
RO 16p13.3 1.57 G  
chRCC 17p13.3-q23.3 59.77 L  
chRCC 18q22.2-q23 10.32 G  
RO 20p13-p11.1 26.22 G  
chRCC 20q11.1-q11.22 4.30 L  
chRCC 20q13.2-q13.33 10.01 L  
chRCC 21q21.3-q22.11 0.59 HL CLDN17, CLDN8, Loc138818, KRTAP13-1, KRTAP19-1, KRTAP19-3
chRCC 22q11.1-q12.3 16.5 L  
chRCC Xp22.33-q22.3 105.26 L  
RO Xq13.3-q21.1 1.76 G  
  1. * G – gain, L – loss, HL – homozygous loss