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Table 2 Plasma lipid peroxidation (TBARS) levels over time

From: δ-ALA-D activity is a reliable marker for oxidative stress in bone marrow transplant patients

Groups Before CR CR Day 10 after
Day 20 after
Group I
15.01(12.76/19.25) 14.40(11.66/16.06) 14.52(11.56/15.30) 15.02(12.55/16.58)
Group II
21.12(17.76/29.70)a 21.89(17.60/26.40)a 20.46(15.45/32.21)a 19.36(15.62/27.61)a
Group III
18.26(15.40/22.00) 19.14(16.60/23.10)a 29.23(21.34/40.72)acd 27.50(18.92/38.50)acd
  1. CR: conditioning regimen; BMT: bone marrow transplantation; Units – TBARS: nmol TBARS/mL plasma. Data are expressed as median (lower/upper quartile). Group I (n = 37); Group II (n = 13); Group III (n = 24).
  2. a Significantly different from group I (control).
  3. c Significantly different from before CR.
  4. d Significantly different from CR.