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Table 2 Oligonucleotide sequences representing a fragment of the CDKN2A promoter

From: Quantitation of DNA methylation by melt curve analysis

Oligonucleotide Sequence
Unmethylated gaagaaagaggaggggTtggTtggtTaTTagagggtggggTGgaTTGTGtgTGTtTGgTGgTtgCGgagagggggagagTaggT
Partially methylated gaagaaagaggaggggTtggTtggtTaTTagagggtggggTGgaTTGTGtgCGTtCGgCGgTtgCGgagagggggagagTaggT
Fully methylated gaagaaagaggaggggTtggTtggtTaTTagagggtggggCGgaTCGCGtgCGTtCGgCGgTtgCGgagagggggagagTaggT
  1. The oligonucleotide sequences representing a bisulfite modified fragment of the CDKN2A promoter that were either unmethylated, partially methylated, or fully methylated. The sequence to which the primers bind is underlined. The location of the six CpGs between the primer binding sites are in bold. Thymines which are generated following bisulfite modification and amplification are capitalised.