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Figure 6

From: Paxillin-Y118 phosphorylation contributes to the control of Src-induced anchorage-independent growth by FAK and adhesion

Figure 6

Loss of FAK in human colon cancer cell lines leads to increased AIG and paxillin poY188 accumulation under suspension growth conditions. (A) IB analysis of HT-25 and RKO colon cancer cells grown under adherent or suspension conditions that were incubated with either FAK or GFP siRNA for 72 h, probed for FAK, paxillin (not shown) paxillinpoY118 or GAPDH. Note that paxillin protein levels did not change under these conditions. Aliquots of the cells in panel A were analyzed for anchorage-independent growth (panel B) or for clonogenic efficiency (panel C) as described in Materials and Methods. Error bars, S.E. from triplicate plates in two independent experiments. p < 0.01. (D) Normalized AIG, based on the mean of the AIG data from panel B normalized to the mean of the survival data in panel C.

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