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Figure 2

From: Paxillin-Y118 phosphorylation contributes to the control of Src-induced anchorage-independent growth by FAK and adhesion

Figure 2

FAK and adhesion modulate v-Src-induced phosphorylation of various Src substrates. (A) Lysates from adherent cultures of FAK+/+[puro], FAK-/-[puro], FAK+/+[v-Src] and FAK-/-[v-Src] cells were probed either directly by IB for specific phosphorylated form(s) of the Src substrate proteins, total substrate protein levels or GAPDH, or probed for total phosphorylated protein by immunoprecipitating with substrate-specific Ab followed by IB for phosphotyrosine using MAb4G10. (B) Same IB or IP/IB analysis as in panel A using lysates of suspension cultures. Each of these blots is typical of at least duplicate independent experiments.

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