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Table 1 Correlation between evaluation of (lympho-)vascular invasion assessed by hematoxilin & eosin (H&E) staining and by immunohistochemistry using the D2–40 antibody

From: Immunostaining with D2–40 improves evaluation of lymphovascular invasion, but may not predict sentinel lymph node status in early breast cancer

  Negative Positive  
Vascular invasion assessed by H&E Lymph vascular invasion assessed by immunostaining with D2–40 Total
Negative 64 22 86
Positive 1 5 6
Total 65 27 92
  1. 75% agreement; there was no relation between both methods by the Fisher's exact test (p = 0.335); accordingly, the difference between both methods of assessing vascular invasion was significantly different by the McNemar test (p < 0.0001)