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Table 1 Summary of the most frequent copy number gains and losses. Table listing the most frequent copy number gains and losses, sorted in decreasing order, in relation to tumor stage. Columns give the cytoband, start reporter, end reporter, size (Mbp), and candidate genes in the region.

From: Prognostic Impact of Array-based Genomic Profiles in Esophageal Squamous Cell Cancer

Cytoband Start reporter End reporter Size (Mbp) Candidate genes
Gains (≥ 60%)
5p15.33 RP11-811I15 CTD-2296H22 1.8 TERT
7p22.3 CTD-2245C5 RP11-745M18 2.3 MAD1L1, NUDT1
7p11.2 RP11-449G3 RP11-535N12 1.1  
8q24.13-q24.23 RP11-150N13 RP11-141J23 10.5 MYC, WISP1
8q24.3 CTD-2330C15 CTD-2300I18 1.5 FOXH1
10q26.3 RP13-137A17 RP11-1065F16 0.8  
11q13.3-11q13.4 RP11-433A18 RP11-574F24 1.8  
12p13.33 CTD-2094C14 RP11-574G8 0.2  
14q32.33 CTD-2344P12 RP11-603L1 0.4 AKT1
16p13.3 RP11-344L6 RP11-680M24 3.2  
17p13.1 RP11-205D17 RP11-63C7 0.6  
19p13.3 RP11-519F9 RP11-81M8 1.6  
19q13.42 CTD-2503B7 RP11-528E9 0.3  
20q13.33 CTD-2022N11 RP11-350G15 2.4  
Losses (≥ 40%)
3p26.3-p24.2 RP11-359E9 RP11-512O18 3.5 RARB, TOP2B
3p14.2-p14.1 RP11-350E21 RP11-175F9 6.9 FHIT
3p14.1-p13 RP11-607B7 RP11-744B4 5.8  
5q12.3-q13.1 RP11-158G8 RP11-633F2 0.9 PIK3R1
8p23.2 RP11-46M15 RP11-593J22 2.2  
9p24.3-p24.2 RP11-272N16 RP11-778P24 3.1 MTAP, CDKN2A, CDKN2B
9p23 RP11-6H18 RP11-312G1 1.9  
9p21.3 RP11-113D19 RP11-16P12 5.2  
11q25 RP11-217L21 CTD-2270L17 2.4 ATM