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Table 10 Randomized Controlled Trial of Glucocorticoids in Primary CNS Neoplasms

From: Systematic review of the clinical effect of glucocorticoids on nonhematologic malignancy

Author [reference], Year Patient Characteristics Treatment Arms
Patient Number (Randomized/Evaluable)
Quality Score Outcome(s)
Green et al [23], 1983 after surgery for supratentorial malignant glioma; 6000 rads of radiation to start concurrently with medical therapy BCNU 80 mg/m2/day IV for 3 consecutive days every 8 weeks (147/124) vs. methylprednisolone 400 mg/m2/day orally for 7 consecutive days every 4 weeks (156/141) vs. BCNU + methylprednisolone as previously described (153/134) vs. procarbazine 150 mg/m2/day orally for 28 consecutive days every 8 weeks (153/128) 2 24 month survivals of 19.5% vs. 8.0% vs. 18.0% vs. 22.2%; in pairwise comparisons, only differences giving p < 0.05 were BCNU vs. methylprednisolone and procarbazine vs. methylprednisolone