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Table 1 Population of eligible women used in final analysis, Sartorius Cohort 1970–1991.

From: Epithelial cells in nipple aspirate fluid and subsequent breast cancer risk: A historic prospective study

  3203 Total number in tracking database
  (- 159) No cytology results at all
  (- 200) Results from histology only, no NAF attempted
  (- 364) With breast cancer within 6-months of most severe NAF result
TOTAL # ELIGIBLE 2480 With NAF results and no breast cancer within 6-months of severe NAF result visit (note: this includes 9 women with breast cancer dates unknown)
   Subset of women used in this analysis:
  712 Women with questionnaire data
  238 Women seen 1/01/1988 or after
  (- 3) "Unable to classify" NAF result
  (- 1) Age missing (NAF date missing)
Total number in model 946  
Total number not in model 1534