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Table 1 Pathways with significant transcription factor correlations (TF.GCS).

From: Bioinformatic identification of FGF, p38-MAPK, and calcium signalling pathways associated with carcinoma in situin the urinary bladder

Pathway Transcription factors in pathways p-value of TF.GCS
FGF signalling CREB1, ATF2, STAT3 0.0021
P38 MAPK signalling CREB1, ATF2, DDIT3, HMGN1, MEF2A, MEF2C, MYC, ATF1, STAT1 0.0021
cAMP signaling CREB1, STAT3 0.0099
Calcium Signaling CREB1, CREBBP, MEF2A, MEF2C, HDAC3 0.0318