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Table 2 Clinical findings and family cancer history of the three TP53 R337H carriers

From: Association of the germline TP53R337H mutation with breast cancer in southern Brazil

Patient Tumor Type Age Onset TP53 IHC Family Cancer History
1 Breast; phyllodes, malignant 19 years Negative No cancer
2 Breast; invasive ductal carcinoma
Brain tumor (malignant)
29 years
31 years
Two first-degree relatives (1-U; 1-A)
3 Invasive ductal carcinoma 44 years Positive Six first-degree relatives (4-BC; 1-L; 1-ACC)
  1. IHC = immunohistochemistry, U = uterus, A = arm (unknown type of cancer), BC = breast cancer, L = leukemia, ACC = adrenocortical carcinoma