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Table 5 Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) estimating the association between ESR1 rs9340799 and endometrial cancer by subgroups of hormone use and self-reported diabetes mellitus

From: Estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphism and endometrial cancer risk – a case-control study

   ORs and CIs for rs9340799 genotypesa
Covariate Cases/controls A/A A/G GG
Use of menopausal hormones with medium potency estrogens     
Never users 485/1006 1 (ref) 0.78 (0.62–0.97) 0.51 (0.34–0.77)
Ever use of estrogen only 85/104 1 (ref) 0.47 (0.23–0.97) 1.96 (1.62–6.14)
Ever use of estrogen plus progestins cyclically 100/196 1 (ref) 0.85 (0.49–1.49) 0.78 (0.33–1.84)
Ever use of estrogen plus progestins continuously 38/145 1 (ref) 0.57 (0.24–1.35)
p = 0.08b
0.94 (0.29–3.08)
Diabetes Mellitus 598/1258 1 (ref) 0.76 0.56
No    (0.61–0.94) (0.39–0.81)
Yes 64/110 1 (ref) 0.52 (0.25–1.09)
p = 0.91b
0.57 (0.15–2.15)
  1. a Analyses were conditioned on age, hormone use for more than two years, and diabetes mellitus b Test for interactions with variables used for selection were designed to test if the terms for the two (two level covariate) or four (three level covariate) extra combined categories were different from zero in a model containing the main effect of genotype and covariate. For medium potency estrogen variables the test was carried out comparing ever use with never use of any medium potency estrogens.