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Figure 3

From: Anti-angiogenesis therapy based on the bone marrow-derived stromal cells genetically engineered to express sFlt-1 in mouse tumor model

Figure 3

Anti-tumor effect in mouse LLC lung carcinoma model. Female C57BL/6 mice received i.v. injection of 2×105 LLC cells in 100 μl of PBS. Treatment with 1×106 Adv-GFP-sFlt-1 infected BmSCs (, black rhombus), 1×106 Adv-GFP infected BmSCs (▪, black quadrilateral), 1×106 uninfected BmSCs (▲, black triangle) and 100 μl of 0.9% NaCl solution alone (, black circularity) were administered i.v. from tail vein. A significant increase of survival and decrease of metastases in sFlt-1-expressing BMSCs treated mice, compared with the controls (P < 0.05. By log-rank test), was found in this model.

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