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Figure 2

From: Leptin/HER2 crosstalk in breast cancer: in vitro study and preliminary in vivoanalysis

Figure 2

Transactivation of HER2 by leptin. MCF-7 cells were stimulated for 15 min with 100, 200, 500 ng/mL doses of leptin (Lep) or EGF. The expression of Tyr 1248 HER2 (p-HER2), total HER2 levels (HER2) was studied in 100 μg of total proteins by WB with specific Abs, as described in Materials and Methods. The levels of GAPDH in the same blots were assessed to control protein loading. The graph represents levels of Tyr 1248 HER2 relative to total HER2 under different stimuli. Bars represent SE.

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