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Table 3 Outcome measures of the BRISC study in the different questionnaires

From: Design of the BRISC study: a multicentre controlled clinical trial to optimize the communication of breast cancer risks in genetic counselling

Variables Instruments Questionnaires
   T0 T1 T1C T2 T3/T2C
Cognitive outcomes       
Risk perception       
- numerical scales   X X X X X
- verbal scales   X X X X X
- graphical scales     X X X
Recall       X
Knowledge of familial breast cancer   X X X X X
Psychological well-being       
Cancer-related worries CWS X X X X X
Cancer-related distress and anxiety IES    X X  
Affect PANAS X X X X X
State anxiety STAI-state X X X X X
Anxiety and depression HADS X X X X X
Intention   X X X X X
Behaviour   X     X
Informed choice MMIC      
- attitudes towards DNA testing     X X  
- genetic test-uptake     X X X
Decisional conflict DCS    X X X
Evaluation of the intervention      X X
Personal characteristics       
Sociodemographic characteristics   X     
Impact of family history     X X  
Severity of breast cancer IPQ-RAR    X X  
Perceived Personal Control PPC X   X X X
Coping UCL      X
General anxiety STAI-trait    X X  
Need for cognition NCS    X X  
Cognitive ability CRT      X
Decision-making style Melbourne DMQ      X
Social support SEC    X X