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Table 4 Gene Ontology terms that are enriched among the top CREB targets.

From: Expression profile of CREB knockdown in myeloid leukemia cells

Category Term Count % PValue
GOTERM_CC_ALL nucleosome 11 6.88% 6.22E-10
GOTERM_CC_ALL chromosome 17 10.62% 2.39E-09
GOTERM_BP_ALL nucleosome assembly 11 6.88% 6.60E-09
GOTERM_CC_ALL chromatin 13 8.12% 7.56E-09
GOTERM_BP_ALL chromatin assembly 11 6.88% 1.66E-08
GOTERM_BP_ALL protein complex assembly 15 9.38% 2.19E-07
GOTERM_BP_ALL chromatin assembly or disassembly 11 6.88% 3.84E-07
GOTERM_BP_ALL chromosome organization and biogenesis 15 9.38% 5.56E-07
GOTERM_BP_ALL chromosome organization and biogenesis (sensu Eukaryota) 14 8.75% 1.63E-06
GOTERM_CC_ALL membrane-bound organelle 75 46.88% 1.93E-06
GOTERM_CC_ALL intracellular membrane-bound organelle 74 46.25% 4.63E-06
GOTERM_CC_ALL organelle 83 51.88% 5.39E-06
GOTERM_MF_ALL DNA binding 38 23.75% 6.17E-06
GOTERM_BP_ALL cellular physiological process 118 73.75% 8.86E-06
GOTERM_BP_ALL establishment and/or maintenance of chromatin architecture 12 7.50% 1.02E-05
GOTERM_CC_ALL intracellular organelle 82 51.25% 1.28E-05
GOTERM_BP_ALL DNA packaging 12 7.50% 1.38E-05
GOTERM_BP_ALL organelle organization and biogenesis 22 13.75% 1.59E-05
GOTERM_CC_ALL nucleus 56 35.00% 2.46E-05
GOTERM_BP_ALL DNA metabolism 19 11.88% 2.63E-05
  1. Column 1 is the ontology used (BP is biological process, CC is cellular localization and MF is molecular function), column 2 is the term, column 3 is the number of genes in the target list associated wit the term, column 4 is the percentage of genes in the target list associated with the term and column 5 is the P value for observing this number genes associated with the term.