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Figure 4

From: Interstitial fluid pressure, vascularity and metastasis in ectopic, orthotopic and spontaneous tumours

Figure 4

Metastases presentation as a function of tumour IFP. The number of macro- or microscopic lung lesions or involved lymph nodes counted is shown for different tumour models. The data is presented as number of metastastic lesions/involved lymph nodes (y-axis) of individual tumours plotted against mean tumour IFP (mmHg; x-axis). The R2 value is shown on each graph. There was no significant correlation for any of the models. A) KHT-C i/m, B) KHT-C s/c tumours, C) MMTV-PyMT i/m tumours,D) MMTV-PyMT MG tumours (total mean IFP shown), E) ME180 i/m tumours, F) ME180 cervix tumours (lung metastases), G) ME180 cervix tumours (lymph node metastases).

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