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Figure 3

From: Interstitial fluid pressure, vascularity and metastasis in ectopic, orthotopic and spontaneous tumours

Figure 3

Tumour size and IFP values. Graph A shows the mean tumour size at the time of IFP measurement for each model. Error bars represent standard error of the mean, and a significant difference is indicated by an asterix. There were no significant differences in mean tumour size between models, with the exception of SiHa tumours growing in the cervix, which were significantly larger than SiHa or KHT-C tumours growing i/m. Graphs B-F show the mean tumour IFP (mmHg, y-axis) of individual tumours plotted against the tumour size (g or mm2; x-axis). The R2 value is shown on each graph. B) KHT-i/m tumours, C) ME180 cervix tumours, D) SiHa cervix tumours, E) MMTV-PyMT transplanted orthotopic mammary gland tumours, F) MMTV-PyMT i/m tumours. There was a correlation between tumour size and IFP only in the KHT-C tumour model growing i/m.

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