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Figure 3

From: Ovarian carcinomas with genetic and epigenetic BRCA1 loss have distinct molecular abnormalities

Figure 3

Summary of analysis of high grade (HG) serous/undifferentiated ovarian tumors: MIP copy number results are shown for c-myc and PIK3CA loci. MIP copy number values over 3.0 are highlighted and correspond to amplification. Relative mRNA levels for PIK3CA and PTEN were assessed using qRT-PCR; levels over 1.3 (highlighted in green) are considered elevated and levels below 0.7 (highlighted in aqua) indicate decreased transcript levels. Associated immunohistochemical markers p21, p53, and WT-1 refer to immunohistochemical staining results. Scoring of immunostaining was done as follows: p21: 0 = <5% nuclei positive and 1 = >5% of nuclei positive. p53: 0 = <50% nuclei positive and 1 = >50% of nuclei positive. WT1: 0 = <5% nuclei positive, 1 = 5–50% nuclei positive, and 2 = >50% nuclei positive. N/A indicates that the data is not available for technical reasons.

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