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Figure 3

From: Involvement of TSC genes and differential expression of other members of the mTOR signaling pathway in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 3

Expression of TSC genes in cancer cell lines following treatment with 5-azacytidine for 2 (2 d) and 5 (5 d) days. a) Representative RT-PCR gel pictures showing restoration or increase in the expression of TSC genes. b) Graphical representation of expression levels of TSC1 and TSC2 following the drug treatment. Expressions of these genes in untreated SCC 131 and HeLa cells at day 0, 2 and 5 were used as controls. '-' indicates no 5-azacytidine treatment and '+' indicates treatment with 5-azacytidine. Graphs represent mean ± SEM of two separate experiments. * indicates significant difference at p < 0.05. Although the expression of TSC1 was increased in HeLa cells following the drug treatment, the relative expression levels of treated and untreated cells were not significantly different from each other. The expression of TSC2 was significantly increased in both cell lines following the drug treatment.

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