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Figure 5

From: Expression of TRPC6 channels in human epithelial breast cancer cells

Figure 5

Overexpression of TRPC6 in breast adenocarcinoma. A) Normal (a1) and tumour (a2) breast tissues show a respectively weaker and a stronger staining when incubated with TRPC6 antibody. (b1) and (b2) are the same field showing no staining when the primary antibody was omitted. TRPC6 staining of normal (c1) and tumour (c2) breast tissue was blocked by the preincubation of TRPC6 peptide with the primary antibody. (magnification, × 200). B) TRPC6 transcripts were detected in breast tissues (N = normal, T = tumour) by semi-quantitative PCR using TRPC6, β-actin, or CK19 primers. C) Relative TRPC6 expression in breast cancer tissues. TRPC6 mRNA was quantified using Quantity One software and normalized to β-actin or CK19 expression. Data are presented as the average of duplicate experiments on three distinct patients (* P < 0.05).

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