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Table 2 Most significant genes separating good (s) and bad (b) prognosis

From: Explorative data analysis of MCL reveals gene expression networks implicated in survival and prognosis supported by explorative CGH analysis

Acc Gene Fold change p-value EnsemblID
7019 CDC2 1.3737029 1.8651454E-13 ENSG00000170312
6632 NP_057427.3 0.94384 3.4574367E-13 ENSG00000117724
3399 UHRF1 1.1446086 1.5513529E-12 ENSG00000034063
5112 NP_060880.2 1.0916529 1.5513529E-12 ENSG00000123485
6994 AURKB 1.4594886 1.5513529E-12 ENSG00000178999
6388 MKI67 1.5062114 1.7304206E-12 ENSG00000148773
6721 Q9Y645_HUMAN 1.2185314 3.2408542E-12 ENSG00000140451
7024 BUB1 1.2488679 3.2408542E-12 ENSG00000169679
6392 NP_057427.3 1.3208085 3.2902188E-12 ENSG00000117724
5726 MKI67 1.4871315 3.6012686E-12 ENSG00000148773
6029 NP_057427.3 1.2980943 5.249176E-12 ENSG00000117724
7423 BIRC5 1.3726515 6.49239E-12 ENSG00000089685
4985 ASPM 1.3310171 7.281489E-12 ENSG00000066279
5754 KIF23 1.2461857 1.6424877E-11 ENSG00000137807
5271 ASPM 1.3205649 2.2259293E-11 ENSG00000066279
6104 KIF23 1.1683029 2.4981522E-11 ENSG00000137807
  1. The most significant differentially expressed genes regarding good ("s") or bad ("b") prognosis determined with a moderate t-test. P-values were corrected for multiple testing [13]. The gene "cell division cycle 2" (CDC2), which is important for the transition G1 to S and G2 to M shows the biggest difference in gene expression between the two groups. This indicates that these cell cycle transitions are part of the difference between the two groups.