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Figure 2

From: The interaction of PP1 with BRCA1 and analysis of their expression in breast tumors

Figure 2

Coimmunoprecipitation of BRCA1 and PP1. HEK293T kidney cells were transfected with vectors encoding untagged BRCA1 under the control of a CMV promoter, and vectors encoding Flag-PP1α, β, γ or Flag-Laf4. (A) A western blot probed with BRCA1 shows that immunoprecipitation of protein with an antibody against the Flag-PP1α, β or γ proteins, but not Laf4, co-immunoprecipitates BRCA1 (Lanes 1A-1D). It should be noted that the band observed slightly lower than BRCA1 in lane 1D is a non-specific background band. Lanes 1E-1H show immunoprecipitation of BRCA1 using antibodies against the amino and carboxy termini of BRCA1. (B) A western blot probed with an antibody against the Flag epitope. Lanes 2A-2D indicate immunoprecipitation of the Flag-epitope tagged PP1α, β or γ or Flag-Laf4. Lanes 2E-2G show co-immunoprecipitation of Flag-PP1α, β or γ with antibodies against BRCA1, and lane 2H shows a lack of coimmunoprecipitation of the negative control Flag-Laf4 by BRCA1.

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