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Table 1 Clinical variables for primary and metastatic prostate cancer samples used in this study

From: Gene expression profiles of prostate cancer reveal involvement of multiple molecular pathways in the metastatic process

Prostate Cancer Tissue Samples No. of Samples Number of Patients Microarray Platform Clinical Information
  64 64 Affymetrix Please see reference [7]
     Gleason Score No. of Cases
     7 10
Primary Tumors 10 10 CodeLink Pathological Stage No. of Cases
     2B 6
     3A 3
     3B 1
     Patient ID No. of Samples
     FB6561 11
     FB666 1
     FB667 8
     FB669 5
     Metastatic Sites No. of Samples
Metastatic 24 4 Affymetrix Liver 5
     Para Aortic Lymph Node 3
     Para Tracheal Lymph Node 8
     Retroperitoneal Lymph Node 3
     Lung 1
     Adrenal 2