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Table 4 Clinical course of the gefitinib-responders who achieved PD, underwent various treatments except for chemotherapy, and resumed gefitinib

From: Clinical benefit of readministration of gefitinib for initial gefitinib-responders with non-small cell lung cancer

No. Treatment after gefitinib failure Response after gefitinib resumption Time to re-progression (month)
1 RT to bone mets, Pleurodesis, SD 2.9
2 RT to brain mets, SD 8.9
3 RT to bone mets, SD 19.1+
4 RT to bone and brain mets, Pleurodesis, SD 6.5
  1. "Resumption" of gefitinib indicates restarting gefitinib within 4 weeks after temporary cessation of gefitinib. RT, radiotherapy; mets, metastasis; Time to re-progression, time to progression from the date of resuming gefitinib; +, still continuing the response at the last date of follow-up