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Table 1 Manual and automated hybridization of SKBR3

From: Automated array-CGH optimized for archival formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor material

Sample Hyb method Variance StDev DR Correlation
SKBR3 manual 0.13 0.05 3.7  
SKBR3 automated 0.11 0.04 3.9 0.85
SKBR3 automated 0.11 0.07 3.7  
FFPE SKBR3 automated 0.12 0.05 3.2 0.87
  1. Variance (Variance), standard deviation (StDev), dynamic range (DR) and Pearson correlation (Correlation) of SKBR3 performed using our manual and our automated hybridization method (Hyb method).