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Table 2 Functional classes of the 47 selected genes

From: A new molecular breast cancer subclass defined from a large scale real-time quantitative RT-PCR study

Functional class Genes
Steroid hormone receptors and homologs ESR1, ESR2, PR, ERRA, ERRG, RXRA
ERα target genes  
   œstrogen up-regulated AREG, BCL2, CCND1, HDAC6, IGF1, IGFBP4, IRS1, KRT19, LIV1, MTA3, MYC PR, TFF1/pS2, TSK/E2IG4
   œstrogen down-regulated ABCC5, GSTP1, SERPINB5/maspin
ERRα target genes ACADM, TFF1/pS2, SPP1
ERs/ERRs regulators NCOA3/AIB1, NCOR1, PGC1A
Genes specifying molecular subtypes  
luminal A BCL2, ESR1, GATA3, KRT19, LIV1, TFF1/pS2
luminal B/C MYBL2
basal GSTP1, MAD2L1, MYC, SERPINB5/maspin
normal-like IGF1, PGC1A
Genes involved in tamoxifen responsiveness AKT2, CCND1, CDKN1B, EPHA2, ESR2, HDAC6, IRS1, NCOA3, NCOR1, PR, PRKAR1A, PTEN
Growth factor receptor and signaling genes AKT2, EPHA2, ERBB2, ERBB4, IGF1R, IRS1, PTEN
Cell cycle genes CCND1, CDK4, CDKN1B, E4F1, MAD2L1
Stem cells markers ABCG2, BMI1, EZH2
Others PTGS2/COX2, TACC1, ZNF217
  1. Genes are indicated in bold characters when present in an extra family.