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Table 2 Hyperoxia-induced changes in expression of secretory proteins in DMBA-induced mammary tumors in rats

From: Hyperoxia retards growth and induces apoptosis and loss of glands and blood vessels in DMBA-induced rat mammary tumors

Gene Name Gene symbol Change in expression levela RefSeq Probe ID
   Array Q-PCR   
Parotid secretory protein Psp 3.0E-02 1.0E-04 NM_052808 A_43_P12746
Prolactin induced protein Pip 5.1E-02 6.0E-04 NM_022708 A_43_P12308
Cysteine-rich secretory protein 1 Crisp1 4.6E-02 ND NM_022859 A_42_P457387
Common salivary protein 1 Csp1 5.8E-02 7.1E-02 NM_133622 A_42_P562492
Proline-rich proteoglycan 2 Prpg2 2.2E-01 ND NM_172065 A_42_P765648
  1. a) The fold change in expression level was determined as the ratio between HBO-treated- and control-tumors. Values correspond to fold decrease, i.e. down-regulation of expression. The data are means of ratios obtained from four HBO-treated tumors compared to a pool of control tumors. ND: Not determined.