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Table 3 Selected imbalances with high penetrance limited to one or few entities

From: Genomic imbalances in 5918 malignant epithelial tumors: an explorative meta-analysis of chromosomal CGH data

Imbalance Occurrence Comment
dim(2q22q31) SCLC (up to 31.8%) Profile appears region-specific; however, SCLC cases have very rich imbalance pattern with more frequent changes
dim(2q33q37) Cervix (up to 30.1%) Specific terminal 2q deletions are else only found in low frequency in NSCLC and bladder lesions
enh(5q21q35) RCC (up to 32.8%) Specific regional 5q gains are near exclusive for renal carcinomas, and are here part of whole chromosomal changes (20%) or limited to the region
dim(10q) SCLC (up to 41.3%), melanocytic, endometrial Rare as specific changes above "background"
enh(13q) CRC (up to 38.6%), gastric 13q gains are rare except in CRC, esp. compared to the frequent losses in the region