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Table 1 Clinical information for patients providing ovarian surface epithelium

From: Coordinate up-regulation of TMEM97 and cholesterol biosynthesis genes in normal ovarian surface epithelial cells treated with progesterone: implications for pathogenesis of ovarian cancer

Case Age Reason for surgery Final Diagnosis
1 45 Fibroid uterus Serosal adhesions and epithelial inclusions
2 74 Pelvic mass Serous cystadenofibroma
3 49 Prophylactic oopherectomy for sister had early-onset (38 y) ovarian cancer Hemorrhagic follicular cysts
4 44 Menorrhagia and fibroids Follicular cysts
5 76 Endometrial cancer Epithelial inclusions
6 43 Pelvic mass Epithelial inclusions