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Table 1 Percentage of methylated CpG in various normal and tumor cell lines. Sequence analysis was performed after bisulfite treatment.

From: Epigenetic regulation of RhoB loss of expression in lung cancer

Cells Tumor type meth CpG
CCL-75 Fibroblast 5%
NHBE Normal 6.3%
SAEC Normal 4.5%
A460 Large cell 7.9%
H838 Adenocarcinoma 8.2%
H1703 Squamous cell 6.6%
A549 Adenocarcinoma 5.1%
MS1 Mesothelioma 2.2%
H290 Mesothelioma 4%
MCF-7 Breast cancer 1.6%
BT474 Breast cancer 2%