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Table 1 Categorisation of socioeconomic variables.

From: The association of cancer survival with four socioeconomic indicators: a longitudinal study of the older population of England and Wales 1981–2000

Socioeconomic variable Categorisation Comparison
Social Class Registrar General's Social Class coded 1–6 for classes I-V respectively.
All other values considered missing in models of social class as only s/e variable (column 1 of Table 2) and as a separate "other" category in other models.
Rate ratio per unit change in 6-point scale (professional to unskilled).
Carstairs quintiles Carstairs index for wards of E&W.
All residents of ward assigned quintile based on ward ranking.
Rate ratio per unit change in 5-point scale (less to more disadvantage).
Car Access Access to car or van by household. No car access vs any access.
Housing Tenure Owner-occupation or rented accommodation Rent vs own/occ.