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Table 4 Mean values of normalised levels of NDRG2 mRNA in adenomas1.

From: Expression of NDRG2 is down-regulated in high-risk adenomas and colorectal carcinoma

  mRNA level in normal tissue Mean (SD) pa mRNA level in adenomas Mean (SD) pa pb
Mild/moderate Dysplasia 0.042 (0.012) NS 0.032 (0.014) NS < 0.001
Severe Dysplasia 0.040 (0.014) NS 0.034 (0.011) NS NS
  1. NS = not significant.
  2. 1Cases of adenomas were divided into mild/moderate (n = 52) or severe (n = 20) according to the diagnosed degree of dysplasia.
  3. a p value when expression levels were compared to the control group of healthy individuals using one-way ANOVA with a Tukey's post test.
  4. b p value for comparison of mRNA expression levels in normal and tumor samples from the same individual using a paired two-tailed T-test.