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Figure 8

From: Paradoxical antiproliferative effect by a murine mammary tumor-derived epithelial cell line

Figure 8

Inhibition of in vivo tumor growth by LM-234ep conditioned medium. B16-F10 (A) and HeLa (B) tumors growing in the right flank were injected with serum-free culture medium (black squares), whereas tumors in the left flank were injected with LM-234ep CM (black triangles). Tumors were measured and volumes were calculated as mean ± SE. * P = 0.018, ** P = 0.007, *** P = 0.004 (Student's t Test). Representative picture of a mouse showing inhibition of HeLa tumor growth by LM-234ep CM (arrow) as compared to culture medium treatment (contralateral flank), 4 weeks after tumor inoculation (C).

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