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Table 7 Number of common genes between different gene signatures for breast cancer prognosis

From: Pathway analysis of gene signatures predicting metastasis of node-negative primary breast cancer

  Wang's 76 genes van 't Veer's 70 genes Paik's 16 genes Yu's 62 genes
Wang's 76 genesa   CCNE2 No genes No genes
van 't Veer's 70 genesb CNNE2   SCUBE2 AA962149
Paik's 16 genesc No genes SCUBE2   BIRC5
Yu's 62 genesa No genes AA962149 BIRC5  
Sotiriou's 97 genesa PLK1, FEN1, CCNE2, GTSE1, KPNA2, MLF1IP, POLQ MELK, CENPA, CCNE2, GMPS, DC13, PRC1, NUSAP1, KNTC2 MYBL2, BIRC5, STK6, MKI67, CCNB1 URCC6, FOXM1, DLG7, DKFZp686L20222, DC13, FLJ32241, HSP1CDC21, CDC2, KIF11, EXO1
  1. aAffymetrix HG-U133A Genechip
  2. bAgilent Hu25K microarray
  3. cNo genome-wide assessment; RT-PCR
  4. To compare genes from various prognostic signatures for breast cancer, five gene signatures were selected, the 76-gene signature [8], the 70-gene signature [3], the 16-gene signature [25], the 62-gene signature [26], and the 97-gene signature [23]. Identity of genes was determined by BLAST program when gene signatures were derived from different platforms. Except for the 97-gene expression grade index [23], which showed an overlap with 5 to 16 genes with the other gene signatures, a maximum overlap of only 1 identical gene was found between the other gene signatures. The initially reported 3-gene overlap between the 76-gene and the 70-gene prognostic signatures [8]included genes with high similarity in sequences. In this study, only genes with an identical sequence in two signatures are considered overlapped based on results from BLAST program. Therefore, CCNE2 gene is the only common gene between the two signatures.