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Table 1 A tabular summary of the publicly available SAGE libraries used for comparative analysis in this study

From: An integrated analysis of genes and pathways exhibiting metabolic differences between estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells

SAGE Libraries Used No. of Total tags No. of Unique tags
SAGE Breast normal epithelium AP NBr 50512 19190
SAGE Breast carcinoma CL ZR75-1 untreated 32303 3983
SAGE Breast carcinoma CL MCF-7 control 0 h 59877 15401
SAGE_Breast_carcinoma_CL_MDA435C 47270 20080
Total tags 189962 58654
  1. MCF-7 and ZR75-1 cells were compared with NBr. A second comparison was made between MCF-7, ZR75-1, and MDA-MB-435 cells.