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Table 3 Family history of the CHEK2 1100delC carriers (dr = degree relative/s)

From: CHEK2 1100delC is prevalent in Swedish early onset familial breast cancer

Family number and age at diagnosis Breast Cancer Other malignancies
102, 65 Five 1st dr including one male, age 40–67 One 1st dr with cancer uteri
195, 54   One 1st dr with brain tumour
510, 41 One 2nd dr  
764, 52 One 1st dr, age 28  
875, 38 One 1st dr, age 36 One 1st dr with non-Hodgkin lymphoma
One 2nd dr with colon cancer
929, 24 One 1st dr, age 66
One 3rd dr, age 45
One 4th dr, age 59
One 3rd dr with pancreatic cancer, Two 3rd dr with cancer of the abdomen
1902, 55 One 2nd dr, age 75 One 1st dr with gyn. malignancy
One 2nd dr with cancer of the abdomen
One 2nd dr with sarcoma
4002, 44 One 1st dr, age 51
Two 2nd dr, age 57, 60
One 3rd dr
4042, 50 Two 1st dr, age 37, 53
One 2nd dr, age 55
One 2nd dr with pancreatic cancer
5031, 46 One 1st dr, age 44  
5611, 30 Two 2nd dr, age 58, unknown
One 3rd dr, age 51
One 2nd dr with cancer uteri