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Table 2 Outcome variables for process evaluation

From: Randomised controlled trial of a supervised exercise rehabilitation program for colorectal cancer survivors immediately after chemotherapy: study protocol

Process evaluation outcome variables Before/during intervention Follow-up
Attendance by patients   
   Number of sessions attended by each patient EP record -
   Reason for stopping during the intervention Questionnaire -
Adherence by patient   
   Exercise intensity RPE EP record -
  HR monitor download -
   Exercise duration: minutes EP record -
  HR monitor download -
   Self report adverse effects (injury etc) EP record -
   Full blood count Blood test Blood test
   Anaemia (full iron studies) Blood test Blood test
Opinion about the program (EX only)   
Enjoyment of the program - Questionnaire
Feelings about attending sessions - Questionnaire
Reasons for missed sessions - Questionnaire
Timing of the program - Questionnaire
Benefits from the program - Questionnaire
Plans to continue exercising - Questionnaire
Favourite/least favourite aspects of the program - Questionnaire
Recommending the program to other patients - Questionnaire
Recommendations for improvements - Questionnaire
Other comments about the program - Questionnaire
  1. EP = Exercise Physiologist (RS), EX = Exercise group, HR = Heart Rate, RPE = Rating of Perceived Exertion