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Figure 6

From: P-LAP/IRAP-induced cell proliferation and glucose uptake in endometrial carcinoma cells via insulin receptor signaling

Figure 6

A: Effect of wortmannin pretreatment on the insulin-induced cell proliferation of A-MEC-LAP cells. The cells were pretreated with 10-8 M or 10-7 M wortmannin before 1 h stimulation with 10-7 M insulin. Insulin-induced cell proliferation was significantly inhibited with 10-8M or 10-7 M wortmannin. * p < 0.05 B: Effect of wortmannin pretreatment on insulin-induced AKT activation of A-MEC-LAP cells. Pretreatment with 10-7 M wortmannin inhibited insulin-induced AKT activation in A-MEC-LAP cells.

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