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Figure 5

From: P-LAP/IRAP-induced cell proliferation and glucose uptake in endometrial carcinoma cells via insulin receptor signaling

Figure 5

The effect of P-LAP/IRAP transfection on insulin induces activation of the PI3K/AKT pathway in A-MEC cells. The cells were stimulated on 10-7 M insulin for 30 min in serum free medium. In A-MEC-LAP cells, with or without insulin, p85PI3K protein expression was increased compared with those of A-MEC and A-MEC-pc cells. In addition, AKT phosphorylation in the insulin-stimulated A-MEC-LAP cells was stronger compared with those in A-MEC and A-MEC-pc cells. Insulin stimulated IR and IRS1 phosphorylation were observed in all A-MEC, A-MEC-pc, and A-MEC-LAP cells to the same degree.

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