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Table 1 Key recommendations of the study guideline to enable ultra short stay for breast cancer surgery. The complete guideline contains 29 recommendations. The participating breast nurses and surgeons from the study groups rated all recommendations and decided upon which recommendations would be defined as 'key' recommendations.

From: Introduction of a breast cancer care programme including ultra short hospital stay in 4 early adopter centres: framework for an implementation study

• The treatment of all breast cancer patients is planned in a weekly multidisciplinary meeting.
• The interval between referral and first visit to the breast unit is 5 working days or less.
• The interval between diagnostic tests and informing patients about their results is 5 working days or less.
• The interval between the decision to operate and surgery is 15 working days or less.
• The number of preoperative hospital visits is minimised.
• The general practitioner is informed about diagnosis, treatment plan and potential side-effects prior to surgery.
• Patients planned for day care treatment are postoperatively given the choice between continuation of admission and discharge.
• Information given to patients about discharge is supported by written information.
• Decisions on patient discharge are based on clear guidelines.
• Specialised home care* for patients in the period following surgery is facilitated.
• The breast nurse stays in contact with the patient during the postoperative period.
• At least one night of hospital admission is planned for patients
with co-morbidity and/or insufficient postoperative supervision.
• The breast nurse informs the patient about the need for informal care in the home situation.