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Table 1 Correlations between HR MAS MR metabolites and histopathology of cervical carcinomas

From: Metabolic mapping by use of high-resolution magic angle spinning 1H MR spectroscopy for assessment of apoptosis in cervical carcinomas

  Apoptotic cell density Tumor cell fraction Tumor cell density
  r 1 p 1 r p r p
β-Glc   NS -0.52 0.001   NS
GPC   NS   NS 0.35 0.024
GPC/Cho   NS   NS 0.53 < 0.001
FA-CH2/FA-CH3 0.36 0.018   NS   NS
  1. 1Correlation coefficients and p-values from Pearson correlation analysis. A threshold value of p = 0.05 was used for significance; NS means not significant.
  2. 2Spectral assignments are abbreviated β-Glc, β-glucose; GPC, glycerophosphocholine; Cho, choline; FA, fatty acid.