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Figure 2

From: Metabolic mapping by use of high-resolution magic angle spinning 1H MR spectroscopy for assessment of apoptosis in cervical carcinomas

Figure 2

Histological section and HR MAS MR standard pulse-acquire spectrum (upper) and spin-echo spectrum (lower) of two cervical cancer biopsies, one with no apoptosis (A) and another with significant apoptotic activity (B). The histological sections were stained for apoptotic cells by use of the TUNEL method after spectrum acquisition. The biopsy presented in (A) had a tumor cell fraction of 85%, tumor cell density of 9552 cells/mm2, and no apoptosis, whereas the corresponding data of the biopsy in (B) were 35%, 3606 cells/mm2, and 8.3 apoptotic cells/mm2. Bars in the histological sections represent 50 μm, and arrows in (B) point to apoptotic cells. Note the highly preserved morphology of the samples after spectrum acquisition. Spectral assignments are abbreviated: β-Glc, β-glucose; Lac, lactate; m-Ino, myo-inositol; Cre, creatine; Gly, glycine; Tau, taurine; s-Ino, scyllo-inositol; GPC, glycerophosphocholine; PC, phosphocholine; Cho, choline; FA, fatty acids; TSP, trimethylsilyl propionic acid; Asp, aspartate; Gln, glutamine; Suc, succinate; Glu, glutamate; Ac, acetate; Ala, alanine; β-OH-but, β-hydroxybutyrate; Val, valine. The position of hydrogens in fatty acids giving rise to the different peaks is marked in bold after the notation FA in the upper spectra.

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